1. Let go dancing!


Let go dancing!


Have you seen an American movie called "Footloose?"  The story is about a small town that banned dancing.  In the beginning of the movie, a teenage boy moves to the town, but has a hard time fitting in because he is different.  Eventually, he makes some new friends through dancing.  In the town, some parents are not happy about the dancing because they believe it is a bad influence on their children.  Eventually, the people change their minds and allow the kids to have a high school dance.  It is a great movie with lots of music and dancing.  I recommend you watch the original one starring Kevin Bacon.

People in America love dancing.  We dance at concerts.  We dance at weddings.  We dance anywhere there is music.  And like in the movie "Footloose" we have high school dances.  On television, there are a couple of popular dance competition shows called "Dancing with the Stars" and "So You Think You Can Dance."
There are many kinds of dance styles.  Young people like to dance hip-hop.  Salsa, a Latin style of dance, is also very popular.  I like an old style of dancing called swing.  It started in the 1930s.  The music is big band jazz music and some famous band leaders were Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman.  In the 90s swing dancing became popular again and many people took classes to learn the dance steps.  At that time, I went swing dancing with my friends almost every weekend!
To watch a video of swing dancing, click here.
Last summer, a music video by a Korean rapper named Psy started the "Gangnam Style" dance craze.  The dance looks like you are riding a pony.  Everyone copied the dance and Psy was singing and dancing on a lot of American TV shows.  The music video is the most watched video on YouTube with over one billion views!  The dance is very popular all over the world except in Japan.  For some reason it never caught on here.
Do Japanese people like to dance too?  Once, I had a fun time dancing in Japan when I went to the Eisa Festival in Okinawa.  A group called Rinken Band was playing and a crowd of fans danced with their hands in the air in front of the stage.  It was a great experience.  But here in Tokyo, I don't think there is enough dancing!  The dance clubs are open too late and they don't play the kind of music that I like.  I even heard there is a law that restricts dancing because it can lead to bad behavior.  Kevin Bacon Tokyo needs you!
Who is the star of the movie "Footloose?"
Where are some places that people like to dance?
What style of dance does Bobby like to do?
What is the most popular video on YouTube?




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