English Level Test 英語レベルテスト


問題 1. ( ) に入る最も適切なものを選択肢から1つ選んでください。
A: Did you enjoy the wedding ceremony yesterday?
B: Yes. The speeches (    ) the guests were wonderful!

問題 2. ( ) に入る最も適切なものを選択肢から1つ選んでください。
A: How was your trip to Canada?
B: Really good! I had a great time (    ) in the mountains every day.

問題 3. ( ) に入る最も適切なものを選択肢から1つ選んでください。
A: You look sleepy. How's everything going?
B: Alright, but I found (    ) hard to sleep with the noise last night.

問題 4. ( ) に入る最も適切なものを選択肢から1つ選んでください。
A: (    ) shoes are they? They're nice!
B: You like them? Actually, they're mine.

問題 5. ( ) に入る最も適切なものを選択肢から1つ選んでください。
A: I didn't see you in class yesterday. Where were you?
B: I (    ) in the library.

問題 6. ( ) に入る最も適切なものを選択肢から1つ選んでください。
I think that you should (    ) the last two sentences in the paragraph.

問題 7. ( ) に入る最も適切なものを選択肢から1つ選んでください。
If you (    ) doing your homework, you’ll do a better job.

問題 8. ( ) に入る最も適切なものを選択肢から1つ選んでください。
Does it (    ) you if I don’t go?

問題 9. ( ) に入る最も適切なものを選択肢から1つ選んでください。
The bully broke the boy’s glasses (    ).

問題 10. ( ) に入る最も適切なものを選択肢から1つ選んでください。
Please, take off your coat and (    ) on the couch.

問題 11. ( ) に入る最も適切なものを選択肢から1つ選んでください。
She doesn’t (    ) her co-workers.

問題 12. ( ) に入る最も適切なものを選択肢から1つ選んでください。
The workers (    ) the problem.

問題 13. ( ) に入る最も適切なものを選択肢から1つ選んでください。
She likes to take walks (    ).

問題 14. ( ) に入る最も適切なものを選択肢から1つ選んでください。
We waited for hours until (    ) the train arrived.

問題 15. ( ) に入る最も適切なものを選択肢から1つ選んでください。
We don’t have to (    ) for the party.

問題 16. ( ) に入る最も適切なものを選択肢から1つ選んでください。
Using a (    ) is a fast way to heat up food.

問題 17. ( ) に入る最も適切なものを選択肢から1つ選んでください。
I went to Nagano (    ) last week.

問題 18. ( ) に入る最も適切なものを選択肢から1つ選んでください。
The department stores were so (    ) because of the spring sales.

問題 19. ( ) に入る最も適切なものを選択肢から1つ選んでください。
I used to belong to a church (    ).

問題 20. ( ) に入る最も適切なものを選択肢から1つ選んでください。
There was a 15 kilometer traffic (    ) because of the accident.

問題 21. ( ) に入る最も適切なものを選択肢から1つ選んでください。
I (    ) my job because of stress.

問題 22. ( ) に入る最も適切なものを選択肢から1つ選んでください。
I always argue with my mother- (    ).

問題 23. ( ) に入る最も適切なものを選択肢から1つ選んでください。
The (    ) officer stamped my passport.

問題 24. ( ) に入る最も適切なものを選択肢から1つ選んでください。
Volvo cars are (    ) in Sweden.

問題 25. ( ) に入る最も適切なものを選択肢から1つ選んでください。
He signed many (    ) for the fans.

問題 26. ( ) に入る最も適切なものを選択肢から1つ選んでください。
A: Do you like marine sports?
B: No, I don't. Do you?
A: (    ) I like sunbathing and collecting sea shells.
B: Are they marine sports?

問題 27. ( ) に入る最も適切なものを選択肢から1つ選んでください。
A: Excuse me, do you sell parts for this model washing machine?
B: One moment and I'll check that for you.
Yes, we do, but we're out of stock right now. (    )
A: Yes, please do. How will I know when they've arrived?
B: If you leave your name and contact details, we'll let you know.

問題 28. ( ) に入る最も適切なものを選択肢から1つ選んでください。
A: Excuse me, Could you tell me the nearest post office is?
B: Sure! Turn left at the next intersection, then go straight and you'll see it on right.
A: (    )
B: I think so. It's only 10 minutes or so.

問題 29. ( ) に入る最も適切なものを選択肢から1つ選んでください。
A:Where is your new work place?
B: Let's see, do you know the park on Mall avenue?
A: Yes. (    ).
C: Yes, it's just 100 meters south of there.

問題 30. ( ) に入る最も適切なものを選択肢から1つ選んでください。
A: I'm going to the mountains this weekend. What do you think I should take?
B: You should definitely take a warm sleeping bag and tent.
A: Actually, (    ) I prefer to stay in a cabin.
B: I see. But you might still need the sleeping bag!


From: Terry Chabon To: lecter1515@itsmail.com
Date: 14 March - , 18:55
Subject: Rohan’s Party
Hi Hannibal
Just a quick note to remind you we really need to organize Rohan’s party as soon as possible. His birthday is on 10 June, but he’s not working that day so I thought we could have it on his first day back, 11 June. This might be a good day to have it as everyone in the section is working an early shift that day. That means they will finish at 5 P.M. so there should be plenty of time to get to the restaurant for a 6:30 start … what do you think?

I’ve already spoken to the manager about it all. He says it’s fine, but just needs to get the numbers by Friday so he can organize the food. I think we should book for around 12 ? 15 people … is that OK?

Let me know what you think,

問題 31. What is NOT true?

問題 32. At what time will party start?

問題 33. When will the party be held?


Alberto Romero
3254 Turney Road
Garfield Heights
OH 44125

Dear Mr. Romero

This letter is to thank you for your application to join our international sales team. Unfortunately, we must inform you that due to the large number of highly-qualified applicants that applied for position of Eastern European sales representative, we have already filled all the positions that were advertised in the May issue of the Human Resources Bulletin.

As you know, administrative and marketing positions in our European and Asia-Pacific offices regularly become available during the year and we would welcome your application for future international postings.

Yours truly,

Alex Andreas

p.p. Benjamin Weintraub
Human Resources Manager
London Office
John Tierney & Sons Ltd.
問題 34. For whom is this letter intended?

問題 35. What kind of job does the applicant want?

問題 36. Where did Mr. Romero want to work?


New Muscles Gym opening in Collingwood
Muscles gym is the place for serious fitness, with over 50 multi-purpose gyms nationwide. We are pleased to announce that a new Muscles Gym is set to open in January next to Main Street Station. This new Muscles Gym features a fully stocked workout gym including free weights, machines and a range of cardiovascular equipment. There is also an exercise studio, which will offer a comprehensive program of dance, aerobic and martial arts classes. Membership in the Main Street branch also allows full use of the pool and aquatics programs in either the Central or Lansdowne branches.

We are now open for membership applications, so please visit us, take a tour of our wonderful facilities and see how we can truly add power to your dreams!

Monthly membership rates from as little as $60
Family packages available from $100
20% discount for group membership (min. of 4 members)
Many other membership rates and packages
Sign up by December 31 and get a 10% discount and complimentary locker

Membership inquiries:
Reception open 12 ? 6 P.M. weekdays, 9 A.M. ? 6 P.M. Sat/Sun
問題 37. What is the main purpose of the advertisement?

問題 38. What do people who join before the end of year get?

問題 39. What is suggested in the advertisement?

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