1. Japanese Language Lessons

Japanese Language Lessons

About us

Langland offers Japanese language lessons at Shibuya and Ginza schools, from daily conversation to business negotiation, preparation for Japanese-Language Proficiency Test(JLPT), etc. All our friendly and experienced teachers use their own learning methods to provide you with high quality lessons. Tell us about your goal(s) and we will help you reach it!

Group lesson (55 min per lesson)

The day/time of your class is fixed. All lessons are performed by native speakers of the language you are learning. There are 2~5 students in a class.

■Cancellation: flexible learning system

If you cancel a lesson for whatever reason, it is possible to attend a make-up lesson without any conditions, except that you can cancel 3 times per month at most. You can even attend a lesson in a different language than the one you are currently learning. However, it is necessary that you notify our staff at least one day in advance.

■Adjournment, class/classroom change

If you want to temporarily stop studying or change class and/or classroom (Shibuya or Ginza), please notice our staff at least one month in advance. You can stop studying as long as you want and resume your study later at your convenience. You can attend a free trial lesson anytime

■Lesson fees

Group lesson (2~5 students)
Weekday 10:00 to 18:00 6,100 yen/month
Weekday after 18:00 and weekend 8,100 yen/month
Limited group lesson (3 students)
Weekday 10:00 to 18:00 8,100 yen/month
Weekday after 18:00 and weekend 10,100 yen/month
Semi-private lesson (2 students)
Weekday 10:00 to 18:00 10,100 yen/month
Weekday after 18:00 and weekend 12,100 yen/month

■Getting a discount

If you attend more than 2 group classes on weekday nights or on weekends, you can benefit from a 2,000 yen discount.

■School management fee 500 yen/month

■Initial fees

The first two months lessons fees, as well as a deposit, should be paid before the first lesson. From the 3rd month, lessons fees will be automatically collected from your bank account on the 16th of each month. If this day falls on a weekend or a public holiday fees will be collected on the following banking business day.


We will temporarily keep a deposit equivalent to one month lesson fee. If you decide to stop studying at Langland we will give it back to you wth no interest.

Private lesson

■Fixed private lesson

You attend 3 or 4 lessons per month with your favorite teacher. The day and time of the lessons are fixed in advance.

■Flexible private lesson

You can book a lesson in the language of your choice on the day/time of your choice. There is no restriction whatsoever.

■Adjournment/changing class and classroom

It is possible to switch between fixed and flexible private lessons on a monthly basis. You can even combine both lesson systems. If you want to stop studying please notify our staff one month in advance. You can also do so after your lesson.

■Trial lesson

A trial lesson is conducted for 30 minutes by a competent teacher. Trial lesson fee is 2000 yen and is due to be paid in advance.

■Lesson fees

Semi-private lesson (2 students)
55minutes 40minutes 30minutes
Fixed private 5,000 yen per lesson 4,000 yen per lesson
Flexible private 6,000 yen per lesson 5,000 yen per lesson 3,150 yen per lesson

※Price without tax included


  • 千田 恵(Megumi Chida)

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